What is 2liv4 about?

 2liv4 is a concept about a new sort of capitalism.

Life should be good, but not at anyone else's cost or the cost to the planet. It should be possible in the 21st Century to produce sustainable products and benign services that meet a need or desire in a way that improves life.
On the 2liv4 e-commerce site we intend to provide you with great value, worthwhile products that you are going to enjoy. We think you will like our products and share our vision.

The 2liv4 vision!
  • 2liv4 is about lifestyle and the good life.
  • 2liv4 products are good value for money.
  • 2liv4 customers are discerning and sensible.
  • 2liv4 goods are healthy, fairly traded and kind to the planet.
  • 2liv4 only sell innovative and well designed objects.
  • 2liv4 purchases add to quality of life.
  • 2liv4 branded products and services are trustworthy but fun. 

2liv4 is a company of likeminded youthful thinkers and partners.

2liv4 customers are original creative people.